Watch: The Denver fire was so hot that it cracked a window across the street

A spokesperson for the Denver Fire Department says heat from the blaze could be felt up to 400 feet away.

A major fire at a construction site in the North Capitol Hill neighborhood Wednesday afternoon was so hot that it melted cars and sent a 200-foot plume of smoke into the air that was visible throughout the city.

One person was killed in the blaze and another remains unaccounted for more than 24 hours later. A firefighter suffered multiple burns and five people were injured either jumping from the burning building or catching people who were.

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The fire near 18th Avenue and Emerson Street was so powerful that it damaged 12 other buildings … including the medical office across the street where Jessica Wilson works.

She was filming the blaze on her phone when suddenly the window cracked due to the intense heat of the flames more than 100 feet away.

You can see the window crack in the video above.


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