Best friends? Charlie Blackmon spends his weekend with Von Miller, Nolan Arenado

Squad goals.

Football season is practically old news at this point, so it's time for Next to ask... Hey! WHAT IS CHARLIE BLACKMON DOING IN THE OFF-SEASON?

Charlie had a busy weekend here in Denver.

He was at the Nuggets game on Friday night with a bunch of other teammates and manager Buddy Black. But at some point during the game, he went and sat with Von Miller. Can we just imagine that they are BFF?

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The Nuggets did win the game against the Phoenix Suns. Maybe it was thanks to a little star power from the Rockies and the Broncos.

Then on Saturday, Charlie and (his other BFF) Nolan Arenado went fishing. The Rockies told us these guys love to fly fish. They went out after an event for season-ticket holders.

Rippin’ lips! @sanjuanandeggs on the lens

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"Charlie loves to fly fish and loves Colorado," the Rockies told us.

Our kind of guy.

By the way, Charlie also caught up with the MLB Network show "Intentional Talk" before the Nuggets game. He told them:

1. He doesn't plan to have a clean face again until retirement.

2. The teammate he misses the least in the off-season is Gerardo Parra because he's too chatty (he was totally kidding).

3. His old Jeep Laredo - the one he's had since high school - won't be replaced any time soon.

🔊 @Chuck_Nazty was on @IntentionalTalk, and it was about as charming and entertaining as you'd imagine. Enjoy!

— Colorado Rockies (@Rockies) January 22, 2018

And THAT is your latest "What is Charlie Blackmon doing in the off-season" update.