It was so windy grandma almost blew away

Call your grandma!

Yes, this is a news headline.

And yes, you should probably still call your grandma. But no, she’s not the grandma in question that found herself caught in a very blustery situation. You should just call your grandma because she loves hearing from you.

Check out the video above. If you can’t immediately recognize this South Broadway landmark, here’s a refresher: it’s the giant inflatable grandma on top of “Grandma’s House.”

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You think YOU had trouble with the wind today? Try being the Grandma on top of Grandma's House Brewery in Denver! #HeyNext #9NEWS

— Kerry Leary (@KerryLeary) March 6, 2018

Grandma’s House is not YOUR grandma’s house. It’s a brewery that’s modeled after your grandma’s house, with hard candy and rocking chairs and furniture that hasn’t been updated since the 1950s.

The owner posted a photo of the inflatable grandma getting pummeled by wind on Monday afternoon.

Wind gusts reached 60 miles per hour at Denver International Airport, canceling and delaying flights and also forcing a stretch of Interstate 25 to close to high-profile vehicles.

It was no condition for grandma to be left outside.

But luckily, this was an inflatable grandma.

And she will continue to watch over South Broadway, like a good grandma does.

For the record, this is the most Colorado thing we saw today.