Next Question: What is Holi and why is it on my phone?

You may have noticed something called on "Holi" on your phone calendar. Next viewers had questions. We found the answer.

Next Question: What is Holi and why is it on my phone calendar?

That question comes from Douglas Withers. He wrote, "Hey Kyle - what holiday did we miss [Friday] as listed on our phones called 'Holi?' It's a mystery to me and all my friends and family."

Douglas, get ready to feast your eyes on the festival of colors.

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Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating the start of spring. It's mainly celebrated in countries with large Hindu populations like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

While Hindus celebrate the changing of the seasons and good overcoming evil (more on that later), it's also an excuse to splash your friends and family with water then throw colored powder on them. The messier you are, the more colorful you'll be.

Each color carries a different meaning.

Green, for example, is a sign of new beginnings. Red symbolizes love and fertility. Yellow represents knowledge and learning.

According to scholars, Holi dates back to at least the fourth century. Poetry from that time mentions the festival.

Holi gets its roots from Hindu legend that tells the story of gods, revenge, and a demon brother. You can read more about that here.

Generally, Holi falls in February or March. This year it started on the evening of March 1 and ended on the evening of March 2.

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