Register with a Colorado political party now if you want to vote in caucuses

Monday is the last day a Coloradan can affiliate with a political party if that person wants to be a part of "precinct caucuses."

Don't say we didn't warn you. Monday is the last day a Coloradan can affiliate with a political party if that person wants to be a part of "precinct caucuses."

To caucus for the candidate of your choice, a voter has to register with one of the state's official political parties.

What are they?

The Secretary of State's Office says explains it as:

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Caucuses, which are basically neighborhood meetings, are the first step in nominating candidates for the 2018 election. At the caucuses, delegates that will attend the county, legislative, congressional districts and state assemblies will be chosen.

This is essentially the first step in deciding who will end up on the primary ballots later this year. The process is like voting, but it's done in the neighborhood meeting instead of by mail-in-ballot or going to a polling place. A person can also become a precinct leader at the caucus, or they can volunteer to be an election judge.

If a candidate isn't picked in the caucus, however, they can try to earn their way into the primary by gathering signatures. That'll take a candidate more time and cost them more money. These are the signature requirements.

When are they?

Precinct caucuses are held the first Tuesday in March. This year, both parties will caucus on March 6.

The requirements?

  • A resident of the precinct for at least 30 days.
  • Registered to vote no later than 29 days before the caucus.
  • Affiliated with the party holding the caucus for at least 2 months before the caucus.

Where do I register?

To register to vote or change registration information online, go to or text “CO” to “2Vote”. You can also register or change your registration by going to your county clerk's offices.

Can you unaffiliate once you affiliate?

Yes, but not tomorrow. A person has to wait until they're finished with the whole delegate process - so, March 7.

But, if you're chosen to become a delegate and attend the state assemblies, you have to keep your affiliation until the assembly ends.

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If you don't register?

About a third of active voters in Colorado are unaffiliated, according to the last count from the Secretary of State's Office. If you are unaffiliated and don't change to a party affiliation by 11:59:59 on Monday, you can't participate in the caucus. But you can participate in the next step, the primary.

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