You might get an unsolicited text from a politician on Tuesday


Just when you thought your cell phone was a 'politics free' zone, think again.

On Tuesday morning, Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis will send out more than 15,000 texts with a link to a campaign endorsement video from civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia).

The Polis campaign said this is not a computerized effort.

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"These are individual text messages from independent volunteers. It's not an automated system at all," said Alvina Vasquez, political director for Jared Polis for Colorado. "The folks that receive the John Lewis message tomorrow are people that have expressed interest in Jared, either online or have communicated with the campaign at some point."

We checked with the Federal Trade Commission about the mass textodus.

Federal regulators would not talk about the specific plan to send thousands of people a text campaign ad, federal guidelines are supposed to keep political campaigns from engaging in textual harassment - unless you've agreed to receive such messages.