Donate to the Dumb Friends League, get invited to a pizza party with puppies

Do you want an invite to one of Denver's most exclusive parties?

Call 303-577-2080 if you'd like to donate to the Dumb Friends League. Click or tap here to donate online.

On March 1, 9NEWS will partner with the Dumb Friends League for the Have a Heart for Homeless Pets telethon.

This is the third year in a row the telethon, sponsored by DFL, will take over our newsroom and puppies will consequently take over Coloradan's hearts.

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If you're already planning on donating during the telethon, consider this information: If you donate $500 while Colorado and Company is on air (that's between 10 a.m. and noon) on Thursday, you'll get an invite to one of the most exclusive parties in Denver.

A pizza party featuring puppies!

The invitation extends to the person who donates and a guest.

The pup-palooza will be at the Quebec location (2080 S Quebec St, Denver, CO 80231) on March 3.

Last year's telethon raised nearly $400,000. We'd love your help to surpass this number!

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