Ridiculous eclipse questions gets science guy Steve Spangler fired up

"Can we reschedule the eclipse?"

The total solar eclipse is fast approaching, and it's gotten people in a frenzy trying to figure out where to get eclipse glasses and the best places to watch it from.

And then there's questions that made science guy Steve Spangler record a rant on Facebook. Here's four crazy questions Spangler received.

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1. "Do you have to register for the eclipse?"

Spangler answered this with another question: "Are you out of your mind?"

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2. "School starts on the 21st of August, has anybody considered moving the eclipse activities?"

"While you may think this is insane, it is insane, but this is how people are thinking," Spangler said.

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3. "Why does the earth block the sun?"

Spangler answered with an eye roll.

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4. "How did Wyoming get picked for the path of totality?"

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But it's schools planning to keep students inside during the eclipse because of "dangerous radiation" that's making Spangler really upset.

"I just can't believe we're in this stage," Spangler said. "Why stifle this moment of creativity, of excitement, of kids getting excited about science because we have some bad science running around."

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Watch Steve Spangler's full rant below