Forest Service warns of unstable ice at Turquoise, Twin Lakes

Dangerous ice at two popular lakes near Leadville has prompted the Forest Service to issue a warning to anyone traveling to the area.

The U.S. Forest Service-Leadville Ranger District says ice conditions at Turquoise Lake and Twin Lakes have become very unstable. The thickness of the ice is inconsistent - meaning there are areas of very thin ice mixed in with thicker areas, often obscured by snow.

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The pockets of extremely thin ice are near the dam area and along the eastern shoreline to the north at Turquoise Lake area. With snow covering much of the ice, layers of slush conceal thin ice.

Motorized and non-motorized travel across the Turquoise Lake ice surface is not recommended at this time.

Warning signage will be posted at the dam parking lot, the ranger office said in a press release.

Ice is also very unstable at both the Upper and Lower Twin Lakes.

The ice formed in several layers on top of the main ice surface is causing slushy snow and standing water across the lake surfaces, according to the forest service.

Also, pockets of very thin ice have been reported on both lakes, especially in the main channel connecting the lakes and around the power plant.

The Dexter Boat Ramp Gate will remain closed this winter.

Over the snow vehicle travel is not recommended at this time. Non-motorized travel is recommended to proceed with caution as the ice may break unexpectedly.

Conditions are constantly changing. You're advised to contact the Leadville District Ranger Office for updates at 719-486-0749 or on Facebook and Twitter: @PSICC_NF