CSP is trash-talking Kansas on Twitter and we're here for it

We're not sure what's going on between Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado, but the states' highway patrol Twitters are arguing over which state is the best.

It all started with Nebraska Highway Patrol moving in on Kansas' territory - no this isn't some turf war - it's a small Twitter tiff over a job fair.

Nebraska State Police stopped by Goodland, Kansas, Saturday morning to do some recruiting. The "why" isn't exactly known or important.

A Kansas highway patrolman noticed this invasion and retaliated.

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"Don't listen to them," Trooper Ben with Kansas Highway Patrol Tweeted. "Come talk with @kshighwaypatrol and what we provide."

He capped off the tweet with the hashtag "SavageTweet" with a kissy face emoji.

It is important to note the NSP tweet that ignited this response was a simple and friendly 'hi, we're NSP and we're recruiting in Kansas' - nothing too pushy. Although, if you read the Twitter replies, Kansans aren't cool with the perceived "poaching" by NSP.

And then. Colorado State Patrol strikes - out of nowhere.

"We can tell you what they provide right now," the official CSP Twitter account wrote. "Flat views of corn fields 100 miles in each direction, and several highways that exit into Colorado (where you really want to be)."

In the immortal words of Kelso from That 70s Show: BURN!