Rockies' Freeland visits former elementary school with teammates

The Rockies took a trip to the classroom on day 6 of their Caravan. Rockies Caravan day six visited Holm Elementary.

Rockies pitcher Kyle Freeland, pitcher Jon Gray, outfielder Pat Valaika, and Dinger the mascot all Holm Elementary Thursday morning. Ironically this is the same school Colorado native Kyle Freeland attended and his mother, Sandy Freeland, has worked at as a secretary for 16 years.

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“When I’m back here during the season and during the offseason I come in and say hi to her, and come visit her, and talk to the kids a little bit," Kyle said. "Seeing her here and seeing the smile on her face when I walk in the’s unbelievable.”

The Rockies' players bestowed various messages to the kids including to stay in school, stay off drugs, and to give respect to others.

“I see that with a lot of the sports figures. I think the kids need to see 'hey this is something I could do,'" Sandy said. '"I could work really hard, I’ve got some talent, I might be able to make that work for me,' so it’s wonderful."