DU hires Karlton Creech as Head of Athletics and Recreation

The University of Denver announced Karlton Creech will be their new vice chancellor for Athletics, Recreations and Ritchie Center Operations starting May 1, 2018.

Creech was formerly the Director of Athletics at the University of Maine as well as adjunct lecturer and proponent of leadership studies for the Black Bears since 2014. He signed a four-year contract to remain with Maine on Feb. 10, 2017.

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"[My wife] Staci and I had a great experience in Maine," Creech said. "It was not about leaving Maine, it was about coming to the University of Denver, and this is such a great opportunity and a great place. It is one of the best jobs in Division I NCAA athletics and it's a place that you run to if you get the opportunity."

Creech will take over for Ron Grahame, a former Pioneer hockey player honored in the DU Athletic Hall of Fame with over 30 years combined experience at DU. Grahame took over as interim Athletics Director after Vice Chancellor Peg Bradley-Doppes announced her retirement in the fall of 2018.

Both Bradley-Doppes and Grahame fostered one of the best non-football athletic programs in the country. Bradley-Doppes has guided the Pioneers to seven NCAA Championships, 102 conference titles and 69 coach of the year honor since being appointed the University's 12th Director of Athletics and Recreation on March 28, 2005.

"I am eager to continue the tradition of athletic and academic excellence that has been established at the University of Denver," said Creech. "Athletics is personal. My wife Staci went to school on an athletics scholarship so I know the importance of our student-athletes excelling in the classroom and the community."