CU's Tad Boyle did nothing wrong

Tad Boyle's honest answer after beating 14th ranked Arizona on Saturday night was refreshing. So why did the University release a statement on Monday clarifying Boyle's comments?

No need for an apology.

"I didn't apologize," said Tad Boyle laughing.

And that's true.

In the statement released by the University of Colorado on Monday Boyle does not say 'I'm sorry'. Which is a good thing. Again, the CU head basketball coach has nothing to be sorry for.

In fact the statement didn't say much at all other than "I gave an honest answer to a simple question and it was never my intention for this to escalate." Tad is referring to his post-game comments on Saturday after his Buffs knocked off 14th ranked Arizona.

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The question he was asked was whether there was extra satisfaction beating a Wildcats team that is being investigated for illegal recruiting.

"Absolutely, absolutely there is," said Boyle on Saturday. But that was just the beginning.

Colorado's next opponent, USC is the only other PAC-12 team currently being investigated.

The rest of Boyle's answer was refreshing.

"The two most talented teams in our (league) from top to bottom are USC and Arizona. So hell yes, there's extra satisfaction. Hell yes. I have great respect for (Arizona head coach) Sean (Miller), hell of a coach. Got great respect for (USC head coach) Andy Enfield. But to answer your question, hell yes," Boyle finished.

It wasn't an attack, so why the statement two days later.

"I just, I don't know," said Boyle clearly holding back on Tuesday.

The truth is that the University released the statement not because there was negative backlash from their coaches truthful response, but because the PAC-12 was uncomfortable with it. The conference strongly encouraged CU to come out with some sort of follow up or explanation.

Kudos to Boyle for not backing off his comments in Monday's statement.

"The landscape of college basketball has changed," said Boyle. "We're in unchartered waters here."

The team and administration are ready to move on from Saturday's quote. Before that happens lets make something clear: do we all appreciate an honest and genuine answer from a head coach these days?

To answer that question...

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Hell yes.