High winds send water over walls of river reservoir

Gusty wind sent water over the wall of a river reservoir on Monday morning.

A unique sight was caught on camera Monday morning at Lake Pueblo State Park.

In a video posted on Facebook, water is seen blowing over the wall of the reservoir.

Although it is a rare occurrence, park officials say wind gusts combined with high water causes it to spill over the wall.

Water elevation reached 4,887 feet on March 1 – the highest it’s been since 2015.

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“It’s so high because Colorado has been doing good the past few years,” says Monique Mullis, Lake Pueblo State Park manager.

Policies regarding water storage in the reservoir require that the water elevation remain at 4,880 feet or lower by April 15.

Officials project the elevation will meet the required mark in more than enough time.

“It might go down more than usual because the lack of moisture,” Mullis said.

With only 7 feet of water that must go, the park expects to fully reopen the shoreline and a closed ramp by the deadline.

The park remains in winter storage until March 15. At that point water owners can make requests for water.

You can see the video below:

Can't see the video? Click here: http://bit.ly/2H8zEpE