Up to 3 inches Friday night for the Front Range north of Denver

While more than 3 inches has already fallen in areas around Nederland, the low laying areas north of the metro should expect to see up to 3 inches throughout the evening.

A National Weather Service trained spotter measured about 3.5 inches of snowfall from 4 to 6 p.m. Friday west of Boulder.

A thick band of snow north of Denver has dropped snow all over areas to the north and northwest of the city with more snowfall at higher elevation, the NWS says.

Travel conditions are expected to be annoying and difficult Friday evening throughout Boulder County and the Broomfield area. No serious wrecks have been reported, but give yourself an extra few minutes if you're going out.

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Drive slow and drive smart - and make way for any emergency vehicles you may see.

The area north of the Denver urban corridor will likely see at least 3 inches, though more than that has already fallen in the foothills.

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