Friday, November 1, 2019



KUSA’s Colorado & Company has its first new host in its 15-year history. Amelia

Earhart is moving from her position as 9News traffic reporter to take on the hosting

responsibilities of the vibrant morning sponsored lifestyle show.

KUSA General Manager, Mark Cornetta states, “Amelia has been an integral part of our morning

team at 9NEWS. She is positive, smart and filled with passion. When Amelia expressed interest

in the ‘COCO’ host position I couldn’t help but get excited and a little nervous. Excited for what

she can bring to the show but nervous to think of her not being on our morning team. At the end

of the day I am thrilled to have Amelia growing her career with us and can’t wait to see how she

reshapes mid-mornings on 9NEWS.”

Colorado & Company features a mix of sponsored and lifestyle content. “With Amelia on staff, we

can step out of the box and innovate how ‘COCO’ looks and feels” says Executive Producer Risa

Friskey, “We’ll engage viewers in new, exciting ways. It’ll be fun to watch!”

Over 100 candidates from across the country were considered for the position. Friskey knows

the job is demanding. “Hosting ‘COCO’ is no small feat…it takes a high level of sincere curiosity,

enthusiasm and warmth to be successful. Amelia in an influencer…she embodies the positive

energy, community spirit and creativity our viewers and guests deserve.”

Director of marketing and brand, Blair Nelson shared “Amelia possesses so many qualities that

our community, clients and Colorado & Company will benefit from. Our clients and partners will

deeply benefit from her energy, ideas, enthusiasm and presence. We are excited for the future!”

Earhart, named one of the Top Ten Young Americans by the Jaycees, has successfully balanced

a TV and radio career for over ten years. She raised nearly $2 million in corporate sponsorships

to complete her around the world flight, and created the Fly With Amelia Foundation, granting

flight training scholarships to young women between the ages of 16 and 18. She is a familiar face

in the Colorado community, speaking for and hosting some of our state’s premiere events as well

as spending time in classrooms with students at all grade levels. With over 100,000 engaged

social followers, Amelia facilitates worthwhile conversation, while maintaining high standards of

respect and kindness. On Instagram she shares her own personal artwork, “Aerial Abstracts”,

based on aerial photography from her global flight.

Earhart will begin appearing on Colorado & Company in late December, taking on the full-time

position as host in January of 2020.

Contact: Blair Nelson