Floyd Ciruli

Political Expert 

February 2020 Floyd Ciruli

Floyd Ciruli is Political Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Floyd provides an independent perspective on politics for 9NEWS.

Dr. Payal Kohli 

9Health Expert

Dr. Payal Kohli, MD, FACC 9Health Medical Expert

Dr. Payal Kohli is the 9Health Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Kohli is an internationally-recognized cardiologist and leader in cardiovascular research and disease prevention.

Kelly Maher 

Political Expert

Kelly Maher  February 2020

Kelly Maher is a Republican Political Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Kelly is a nationally recognized Republican commentator and executive director for Compass Colorado, a center-right, free-market advocacy organization based in Denver.

James Mejía 

Political Expert

February 2020 James Mejía Mejia

James Mejía is a Democratic Political Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

He is a former front-page writer for La Voz Colorado, a weekly bilingual newspaper covering Colorado and New Mexico and a contributor to the Huffington Post online.

Rob Proctor

Garden Expert

Rob Proctor February 2020

Rob Proctor is a Garden Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Rob is the author of sixteen books on gardening.

Scott Robinson 

Legal Expert

February 2020 Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson is a Legal Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Scott has served as a legal expert for 9NEWS since 1995, providing a legal perspective on everything from local photo radar issues to momentous decisions by the United States Supreme Court. He is uniquely qualified for his role as a legal analyst based on his background, education and experience.

Steve Spangler 

Science Expert

February 2020 Steve Spangler

Steve Spangler is a Science Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Steve is the guy at 9NEWS who makes things fizz, pop, smoke, erupt all in the name of making science fun. Steve's eye-catching science experiments are featured weekly on the 4 p.m. show and 9NEWS Mornings.

Whitney Traylor 

Legal Expert

Whitney Traylor February 2020

Whitney Traylor is a Legal Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Whitney joined the 9NEWS team in 2017 and is featured every Friday at 8:30 a.m. to provide legal commentary on various legal matters in Colorado and throughout the nation.

Dr. Max Wachtel 

Psychology Expert

February 2020 Dr. Max Wachtel

Dr. Max Wachtel is a Psychology Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

A forensic psychologist by training, Dr. Max has a clinical practice where he conducts evaluations of criminal offenders for the courts and private attorneys.

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