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9NEWS Experts

From politics to gardening, 9NEWS Experts provide fresh insights in their fields.
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Floyd Ciruli

Political Expert 

Credit: 9NEWS

Floyd Ciruli is Political Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Floyd provides an independent perspective on politics for 9NEWS.

Dr. Payal Kohli 

9Health Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

Dr. Payal Kohli is the 9Health Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Kohli is an internationally-recognized cardiologist and leader in cardiovascular research and disease prevention.

Kelly Maher 

Political Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

Kelly Maher is a Republican Political Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Kelly is a nationally recognized Republican commentator and executive director for Compass Colorado, a center-right, free-market advocacy organization based in Denver.

James Mejía 

Political Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

James Mejía is a Democratic Political Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

He is a former front-page writer for La Voz Colorado, a weekly bilingual newspaper covering Colorado and New Mexico and a contributor to the Huffington Post online.

Rob Proctor

Garden Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

Rob Proctor is a Garden Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Rob is the author of sixteen books on gardening.

Scott Robinson 

Legal Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

Scott Robinson is a Legal Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Scott has served as a legal expert for 9NEWS since 1995, providing a legal perspective on everything from local photo radar issues to momentous decisions by the United States Supreme Court. He is uniquely qualified for his role as a legal analyst based on his background, education and experience.

Steve Spangler 

Science Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

Steve Spangler is a Science Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Steve is the guy at 9NEWS who makes things fizz, pop, smoke, erupt all in the name of making science fun. Steve's eye-catching science experiments are featured weekly on the 4 p.m. show and 9NEWS Mornings.

Whitney Traylor 

Legal Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

Whitney Traylor is a Legal Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

Whitney joined the 9NEWS team in 2017 and is featured every Friday at 8:30 a.m. to provide legal commentary on various legal matters in Colorado and throughout the nation.

Dr. Max Wachtel 

Psychology Expert

Credit: 9NEWS

Dr. Max Wachtel is a Psychology Expert at 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado.

A forensic psychologist by training, Dr. Max has a clinical practice where he conducts evaluations of criminal offenders for the courts and private attorneys.

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