If you're the type of person who loves trolling online, you don't need permission. You don't want permission. Heck, you're trolling this story itself and already saying “this isn't news!”

But if you're not a troll, here's an open invitation to be one.

You might have read about how Merriam Webster tweeted about “doggo” and its potential for dictionary inclusion … and promptly got trolled with dog pics.

To be honest, over here at 9NEWS, we were kinda jealous, because who doesn't love some photos of cute dogs?

So, we decided to get in on the party. Here's your open invitation to troll 9NEWS: share your cute doggos at the Facebook post below!

Can't see the post? Click here: http://bit.ly/2pSamYU

And for those of you trolling this innocent solicitation of dog photos and astutely saying it isn't news … here's a bunch of cute doggo GIFS! Try to troll that!