Some students in Edgewater traveled to the faraway land of Agrabah on Wednesday afternoon, all without leaving their school gym

The cast of Aladdin, the hit Broadway musical currently playing in Denver, paid a visit to some students at Edgewater Elementary School.

The class they picked has a special connection to this musical -- ensemble member Celina Nightengale stopped into her mother Kathy Nightengale's second grade class for some singing and dancing...Broadway style.


Celina is a Colorado native who grew up in the area. She told 9NEWS her reasons to visit and teach the kids are simple: she wants to keep the magic of dreaming alive.

"It's great to be here," Celina said. "We love bringing the arts to the schools just because we want to keep it alive and like she said, show the kids that you can do more than just the regular jobs that they see every day."

Ms. Nightengale's class learned some of the dance moves and lyrics to Arabian Nights, one of the musical numbers in Aladdin.

Aladdin will show at the Buell Theatre until April 28. Click here for tickets.