On the Tail Track Plaza on 16th Street (between Wewatta and Wynkoop streets), passersby might notice a pop-up exhibit housed in a giant shoebox.

It's the Empathy Museum’s “A Mile in My Shoes" exhibit

“This exhibit launches our summer-long exploration of empathy and action,” said Erin Trapp, executive director of the Biennial of the Americas.  “So, the Biennial theme is set two years ahead of time.  And our theme this year is empathy and action.”

The exhibit opened on August 9. 

“And the idea is that folks can come in and select a pair of shoes that they can put on while listening to the story of the people who donated the shoes,” Trapp said.

The exhibit has a collection of stories for 30 Denver residents from all walks of life. 

“We are hoping that by putting up exhibits like this one we help people think and act from a place of empathy rather than from a knee-jerk place where they really haven’t thought much about the person they are talking to,” Trapp said. “People are anxious for the opportunity to develop that empathy muscle.”

The main activities of the Biennial Festival take place in Denver Sept. 25-28.   For more information about the festival and additional planned activities, visit the Biennial of the Americas website.

The Empathy Museum will be open from 10 a.m.-7 p.m, daily through Sept. 27. 

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