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Shiny boots and cow poop: TaRhonda and Steve’s Stock Show field trip

Steve Staeger and TaRhonda Thomas went to the 112th annual National Western Stock Show. It was hard work.

The weekend morning team loves to take a good field trip. Most of the time, the trips have been for fun. But, when 9NEWS Anchors Steve Staeger and TaRhonda Thomas went to the National Western Stock Show, they got put to work.

You know the perfectly-coiffed steer you see during the stock show auction? Well, they don’t wake up like that. It takes a lot of work. One steer owner showed TaRhonda and Steve how to wash the steer (yes, event that part) to get it looking nice for the competition. After all that work, TaRhonda’s boots were looking a little messy. Good thing Steve was up for a lesson on that, too. You can check out the full adventure in the video box above.

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