Content Provided by the Colorado Garden Foundation. 9NEWS is a sponsor of the 2019 Colorado Garden and Home Show.

The homestead and farm-to-table movements have taken hold in Colorado and across the country. These movements advocate for a self-sufficient lifestyle highlighted by agriculture and the production of local, seasonal, fresh and organically-produced foods. 

People in rural and urban regions across the state are making homesteading a reality. But how do you get started?

If you attend this year’s Colorado Garden & Home Show, visit the Colorado State University Homestead Garden, Colorado Homesteading Doable and Renewable from Patio to Farm, behind booths 1829 and 1929, to learn how to homestead.

This garden will showcase tips you can use to get your own homesteading movement going. Here are a few of the things that will be featured at the Homestead Garden:

  • How to grow veggies and herbs in harmony; tips on starting your seeds indoors and what should plant where and when.
  • How to patio garden; if you live in a condo, apartment or townhome you can still have the garden you’ve always wanted, for more tips click/tap here.
  • How to keep small livestock in urban and rural settings; chicken coops, free-range chickens in backyards and chicken upkeep.
  • How and why to keep bees; beekeeping is not for everyone and there are many things to know about pollinators and how best to use them in your personal garden.
  • How to set up a successful compost; turning waste into food for your garden.
  • How to be a successful gardener via plant select; starting a garden that fails can discourage anyone, but selecting beautiful yet sturdy water-wise plants that thrive in Colorado’s arid climate can help any gardener at any level be a green thumb.

Suggestions above are provided by professor Jim Klett, Ph.D. of horticulture, extension landscape horticulturist at Colorado State University and coordinator of Planttalk Colorado. Klett and his staff will be on hand to provide demonstrations on making homesteading doable.

The Colorado Homesteading Doable and Renewable from Patio to Farm Garden, presented by Colorado State University, is one of 11 gardens to visit at the 60th Annual Colorado Garden & Home Show, at the Colorado Convention Center, Feb. 9-17. Tickets and more information can be found at