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Many people might think that because they live in an apartment, townhouse or condo a garden is out of the question. However, that simply isn’t true. 

There are plenty of options to add a garden in a multi-unit living setting. Whether you’re into flowers, herbs, vegetables or a little bit of everything, there are many practical options for every gardener and every experience level.

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Below are some tips from Jim Klett, PhD of horticulture, professor and extension landscape horticulturist at Colorado State University and coordinator of Planttalk Colorado.

Tip #1 Check with your landlord and/or property association or manager first. If they are hesitant to allow a garden, mention your gardening skills and offer to create an agreement outlining your plans and how you will maintain the garden.

Tip #2 Use pots and planters and containers that fit within your space and or regulations. For more information on what types of containers you can use, click/tap here.

Tip #3 Plant a garden that’s easy to keep up. Avoid water gardens, ground covers or vines that tend to take over. Try things that you can use or share with neighbors (herbs, tomatoes etc.).

Tip #4 Know what kind of sun exposure your home offers and plant your garden accordingly. For instance, if your porch has a lot of direct sunlight avoid plants that thrive in the shade.

Tip #5 If none of the above options are doable for you, look into one of the many community or neighborhood gardens across our state. Or lend your skills to an elderly homeowner, or volunteer your time with a local gardening club or a local botanic garden.

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