More than 160 artists, performers and vendors came out to the Tattoo Masquerade this weekend at the Colorado Convention Center.

For tattoo artist Adam Rose, the ink isn't the only permanent thing that comes from his artwork.

The relationships Rose has with his clients is years in the making, and he says those are permanent too.

He's been tattooing client Benjamin Ford Richers since 2009 and developing a bond ever since.

"Four or five hours with somebody at a time, especially over a eight year span, you really get to know somebody pretty well," Rose said. "They've got a new baby on the way, so it's kind of cool that you get to be included on that kind of stuff. We've talked about what were going to tattoo on kid that isn't born yet. So having those long term relationships is a good thing."

The duo will be showcasing Ford Richers' three different tattoos at a competition Sunday.