If you didn’t already know, Adele – as in the singing one, not the beloved 9NEWS anchor – is in Denver this weekend. And getting a ticket is, at this point, so hard and expensive our partners at the Denver Business Journal did a story about it.

9NEWS Digital Producer Raquel Villanueva was one of the lucky few able to snag herself entry into this concert … and she went to a performance riddled with emotional moments (and your ex, probably) alone.

Yes ... there were tears.

Here are some text messages she sent to the digital producer who was working, rather than at an Adele concert, about said concert (yes … permission was given to post these on 9NEWS.com). These updates were live. The concert is now over, and the recap is below. Raquel will write a better review once she processes everything emotionally, because ... Adele:

7:21 p.m.:

Raquel: "The headline should be ‘Adele: your ex is probably here."

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This did not end up being the headline)

7:25 p.m.:

Raquel: "Apparently, you can’t selfie stick your tears."

Taken pre-Adele concert. Your ex is probably in this crowd. 
Taken pre-Adele concert. Your ex is probably in this crowd. 

7:31 p.m.:

Raquel: “It’s a very family-friendly crowd. Lots of actual families.”

The author of this post: “They know she swears a lot, right?”

Raquel: “Oh yeah. The kids are older, like teenagers.”

Raquel also notes there are sporadic groups of single girls. And people taking selfies. Presumably not with selfie sticks, because that is banned.


7:47 p.m.:

Raquel: “The giant Adele eye is starting to move. Like she’s about to open it.”

7:51 p.m.:

Raquel: "People are cheering as a guy is hoisted into the air to fix something. Or to test it."

There is no Adele yet.

8 p.m.:

Raquel: "Her eye has opened. It's magnificent. And blinking to 'Hello.'"


Raquel: "She has appeared from a stage in the back. Singing 'Hello. She has a sparkly black floor-length gown.'"

Since you're reading this, you probably aren't at the Adele concert. So listen to Adele here:

8:09 p.m.:

Raquel: "She's walking through the crowd to the main stage at the front."

Author: "Are people touching her?"

Raquel: "Reaching out, but respectful." (EDITOR'S NOTE: Proud of you, Denver!)

Raquel: "Now everyone is singing 'Hello.' It's deafening. Her video eye is still blinking."

8:14 p.m.:

Raquel: "Her eye turned into hands and then London and she sang about home (NOTE: According to Adele's Wikipedia page, she was born on May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, London, England)."

"Now the video is showing the Denver skyline.

"Third song in: The video screen is gone. And now you can see her live band behind her.

"There. Are. Strings. And a brass section."

8:18 p.m.:

Raquel's response when asked if there are any Pokemon at the Adele concert (because ... you gotta catch 'em all):

"I checked. The servers are too busy to load.

"Either everyone is into Adele, or secretly catching Eevees." (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an Eevee)

8:54 p.m.:

UPDATE: It was a false alarm. There will be no Beyonce ... yet.

Raquel: "No Beyonce song. Hopefully soon. 'Send my Love (To Your New Lover)' is the next song.' The era of no-good exes has begun."

It has indeed.

Here is a live, acoustic version of "Send My Love (To Your New Lover):"

9 p.m.:

Raquel: "She dropped her first (and she says last) F-Bomb. She apologized if someone found it offensive. NO ONE COULD EVER HATE HER."

Context: Adele has gotten in trouble for swearing before at concerts.

9:02 p.m.:

Raquel: "She misses her boyfriend and is dedicating 'Make You Feel My Love' to him."

"She commanded the crowd to raise some 'torches.'" (EDITOR'S NOTE: I think she means cell-phones).

Watch it here. Grab your box of tissues. Call someone special. Or hug your cat.

9:03 p.m.:

Yes, Adele meant phone. How beautiful.

9:09 p.m.:

Raquel: "Singing 'Sweetest Devotion.' For her son [baby emoji]."

Absolutely adorable.

Here's "Sweetest Devotion:"

9:15 p.m.:

Some quick Adele facts from Raquel: This is her 55th show on the tour. She has more than 50 left. TLDR: Adele is working hard.

And an update:

Raquel: "She's moved to her second mini-stage and is singing in a translucent box, where she's hologrammed on each side."

Not to try and make fetch happen, but that. is. so. fetch.

Here's a look at the box:


9:24 p.m.:

Raquel: "She's taken a break to crouch down and pose/talk to fans."

The author: "Why is she such an angel?"

Raquel: "An angel with jokes on jokes on jokes."

9:30 p.m.:

Raquel: "'Someone Like You' is dedicated to the victims of Nice, France. It's the fifth time on this tour she's had to dedicate a song to victims of terrorism.

"Everyone is singing the chorus. It's eerily beautiful."

9:30 p.m.:

Raquel: "She just said good night. I call shenanigans. She hasn't even sang 'Rolling in the Deep Yet.'

"There's fake rain onstage as she sings "Set Fire to the Rain.

"It makes it look like she made the Pepsi Center itself cry."

Here is "Set Fire to the Rain," the official music video:

9:38 p.m.:

Raquel: "She's disappeared. We wait. I still have a few more cries in me."

The author: "Me too, and I'm not even at the concert."

Raquel: "{{Hugs}} They have ushered out her mike stand. She rises from the main stage. WE AREN'T WORTHY!

"Childhood pics are scrolling. She's just like us! She has naturally red hair."

NOTE: One of the authors of this Adele live blog has naturally red hair. That is all she has in common with Adele.

9:50 p.m.:

Raquel: "Wave your arms with us, Ali!" (EDITOR'S NOTE: Ali is the nickname of the person who is writing the editor's notes). Rolling. In. The. Deep.

"I don't care how off-key I am. Screaming singing as resumed."

9:51 p.m.:

The concert is over.

Raquel: "It went by so fast. I can't accept it's almost over. Think she'll go to a pub after this?"

And one final thought about the Adele concert from Raquel:

"Her confetti has handwritten messages."

Adele in a translucent box. 
Adele in a translucent box. 

In conclusion, WE ARE NOT WORTHY.