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Twin brothers and members of jamtronica band Lotus share their Colorado connection

Twin brothers Luke and Jesse Miller grew up in Colorado. They are now part of popular jamtronica band Lotus and are touring all over the country.

DENVER — Luke and Jesse Miller never dreamed they would be playing some of the biggest music venues in the state they grew up in. Now they are among the most popular bands and pioneers of the jamtronica genre.

Jamtronica is a music style that blends elements of jam and electronica.

For the better part of twenty years, Lotus has been touring, creating music and making a mark in the Colorado music scene.

The Miller brothers, who grew up in the Lakewood area, have been part of the band from the start. Working in the band as siblings has given them a unique musical relationship.

"If we have an opinion about something we are gonna share it and, you know, work to hopefully get to something we both like in the end," Jesse, who plays a combination of bass and modular synthesizer in the band, said.

"We have been working together in Lotus for a long time so it's a process that generally works for the better," Luke said of their relationship. Luke plays both keyboards and guitar.

Growing up, the twins were inspired by Colorado's unique music scene.

"We would just go see lots of different kinds of music," Jesse said. "I think it was just, like, getting exposed to a lot of different sounds."

For Lotus, it is not just about their personal connection to the state and its music. 

The band has played everywhere from the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver to the Mishawaka Amphitheatre near Fort Collins. And of course, they have played Red Rocks.

"We always looked at venues around Colorado like Red Rocks as places we'd eventually like to get to," Luke said. "So it's been fun being able to build to that level."

The band values their fans and the relationship they have with them.

"It's kind of a mutual thing where we're always trying to keep pushing to do something new and the crowd is always wanting something new as well," Luke said. "That Colorado openness to something fresh kind of feeds back on itself."

The band has gone from being the ones influenced by the Colorado sound to be the ones influencing others.

"We meet younger people that told us they were influenced by our music," Luke said. "It's always cool to feel that we are inspiring something else."

To learn more about Lotus and check out their latest album news and tour dates, visit their website.

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