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How to navigate Colorado's music scene

From local music to the big names, how to make the most out of our rising music culture.

DENVER — Denver, and Colorado, in general, has always had a vast and eclectic music scene. As more people discover how great our state is, more bands are coming here too! 

9NEWS went to a few music experts to get some advice about how to get good tickets, find new music, and support the bands you love.

How to find new music

Aimee Giese, a music blogger who's been covering Denver's music scene since 2005 on GreebleHaus.com offers her advice.

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Check out Sofar Sounds, this website sells tickets to secret, intimate performances in 450 cities, including Denver! You don’t find out who the band is until you arrive on the night of the show.

Look at the lineups at "The Six Ls”. Many music bloggers say some of the best places to see local music are Lost Lake, Larimer Lounge and Lions Lair.

How to get good tickets

Don Strasburg, the Co-president of AEG Presents Rocky Mountains added his advice.

Looking for “cheaper” Red Rocks tickets, go to the Denver Coliseum on Saturday mornings for low-fee tickets.

Don’t get scammed. You can buy and resell tickets on axs.com without the risk of getting scammed. They are 100% guaranteed.

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Last-minute tickets. Often once a show is set is up in a venue, more seats will become available on the day of the show. Seats that are good, but promoters originally thought would have a blocked view, will go on sale. Strasburg told 9NEWS this happens almost always, so if your favorite artist is sold out, be patient.

How to be a good fan

The Sogs, a band from Fort Collins made up of Dylan McConnell and Lee Hutchinson share their advice.

Buy the merchandise, many bands rely on this money for things like studio time.

Find your favorite bands online, “Likes” and “clicks” go a long way. Downloading music does too, even if it’s for free!

Give constructive feedback. Newer bands that are looking to grow do like to hear what works/doesn’t work with things like their set and the show experience.

Tell venues you want your favorite band to play there. This helps with booking for bands that are trying to rise in the scene.