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Report: Balloon Boy forming a band

TAMPA, Fla. - Richard Heene's three sons, including the Balloon Boy himself Falcon Heene, are forming a band, according to the website RadarOnline.

international headlines in October 2009 when they falsely claimed that Falcon was in a helium balloon high above Colorado. He was actually hiding in the garage. Richard and Mayumi Heene were convicted of false reporting and both served jail time. The family moved to Tampa, Fla., and Richard Heene was recently seen trying to sell an invention that serves as a back scratcher. Now, RadarOnline reports the Heene brothers are not only forming a band, but Richard and Mayumi Heene may appear as back-up musicians. RadarOnline contributes the report to a professional musician and a friend of the Heenes, Smokey Miles. He says Richard Heene plays harmonica and Mayumi plays the guitar. Miles says they wanted to call themselves the Balloon Boy Band, but could not for legal reasons, so they are considering the Bear Scratch Band./>

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