Let’s get this out of the way: No matter what your taste in movies is, you’ve probably seen one starring Stanley Tucci.

From playing Caesar Flickerman in “The Hunger Games” movies to the lone nice person in “The Devil Wears Prada” to the unusually hot dad in “Easy A,” this 56-year-old actor is nothing if not prolific.

And you can see him in person at Denver Comic Con, the organization announced Wednesday. This comes shortly after Weird Al Yankovic was also announced as a guest – permanently cementing your summer plans.

Denver Comic Con hasn’t announced which specific day you can see Stanley Tucci, so be sure to check back to their website as the details get released.

Denver Comic Con is slated for June 30 to July 2 at the Colorado Convention Center.

You can find the full website here: http://bit.ly/2gy0FbJ

And here’s Stanley Tucci’s IMDB page, because we love him (and, trust us, he’s been in everything!): http://imdb.to/2mZUm4L