School is out and the sun is shining! Make this summer the best yet by making your health a priority.
9Health Fair offers these quick summer healthy tips. Good health starts each morning. One of the most important things you can do each morning is to put on sunscreen – face and body! Use a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 30 in place of your regular moisturizer. Experts would say that we should avoid the sun between 10am-4pm, but that’s just not realistic. Life happens! We’re out and about, and being in the sun is going to happen. Just be prepared with a few sun essentials with you including a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and full water bottle. That way you’re always prepared for an impromptu trip to the park, patio lunch or a walk with a friend. As you see more of your skin this summer, if you see any suspect moles or freckles, be sure to consult a medical professional. 9Health Fair offers a free skin screening which will be available this fall.

Hydration is another critical element to staying healthy in the summer. Before you leave the house each morning, grab a water bottle. Drinking water throughout the day will keep you from feeling tired, sluggish and will prevent dehydration. To get the kids to drink more water, try ice pops! They’re easy to make, put fruit chunks in ice cube trays, put a popsicle stick in them, fill with water and freeze. Then when the sun is scorching in the afternoon and the kids ask for a popsicle, you have something healthy to give them that will keep them hydrated without the sugary, sticky mess.

Now that you’ve had fun in the sun with plenty of water, the best way to prep for the next day of summer fun is to get a good night’s sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well, you could put yourself at risk for other serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Dr. Katherine Green, sleep expert with UC Health, suggests creating a good sleep environment with cool air, dim lights and no sound. Dr. Green also suggests establishing a good routine each night so that your circadian rhythm can guide you. Go to bed around the same time each night and wake up around the same time. If you think you have a more serious issue that is causing you not to get enough sleep, there’s a 9Health Fair for that. Sleep apnea is another free screening offered at the fall 9Health Fairs.

Check out 9Health Fair on Facebook for live question and answer sessions all summer long. Starting later this month, Dr. Karen, 9Health’s VP of Medical Strategy, will host Facebook Live “Office Hours” where you can ask any questions you have concerning your health. Like 9Health Fair on Facebook and keep an eye out for more details. You can also take advantage of the 9Health Fair eTools. Download eWell or ePrevent Diabetes in the Apple App store or Google Play. Stay in tune with your health all year long on their website by clicking here.