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Cherry Creek Arts Festival...A World-Class Tradition In Denver

It's a celebration spanning the streets of Cherry Creek North featuring 265 visual artists and more than a dozen performing artists. Everywhere you turn, find eye-popping art, fun for the kids and fantastic food. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival has been delighting crowds over the 4th of July holiday weekend for 27 years, and this year will not disappoint. This year's festival takes place July 6th through the 8th. Colorado & Company viewers were treated to three behind the scenes stories:

Interview With Artist Seth Smith

"Cooper's Diner" is this year's commemorative poster, painted by Seth Smith. He is inspired by places (real and imagined) that evoke emotion, memories and day dreams.

Surprise! Pop-Up Performances

Nautical Fantasy characters will appear before your very eyes. From sullen sea slugs to charming crabs, these spontaneous spectacles from Handsome Little Devils will amaze and thrill you! But you never know when they're going to appear...so keep your eyes peeled!

Students With An Eye For Art

Event sponsor Janus Henderson Investors selects art-eager students to learn about and buy meaningful art for their schools. This is a completely unique opportunity for students to understand the significance of art in our culture and communities. Student purchased art also hits the road in the Mobile Art Gallery! Every Colorado school can apply to be selected for the Student Art Buying Program.

For all the details you need to make the most of your Cherry Creek Arts Festival excursion (such as schedules, shopping, and tips) and to learn more about the Student Art Buying Program, visit CherryArts online.