What is it about the crisp and cool air, a chunky sweater, and the majestic colors of Colorado that make us want to cozy up by a fire with a seasonal spirit?

We have gathered a few of our favorite fall cocktails. Some are spins on the classics we all know and love, while others are seasonal creations to help get you through autumn and into the holidays.

1. Caramel Apple Mule

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Try this sweet spin on the Moscow Mule.

1.5 oz of your Favorite Vodka

.5 oz of Caramel Syrup

1 oz Apple Cider


Combine and shake all ingredients with ice. Strain and top with ginger beer. Garnish with an apple slice.

2. Kentucky Mulled Cider

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Stay warm with this savory delight this fall.

1.25 oz of your Favorite Bourbon

Hot Apple Cider

Dash of Allspice

Cinnamon Stick

Lemon Slice


Add bourbon to a mug. Add the apple cider, allspice and stir with the cinnamon stick. Use lemon slice for garnish.

3. Figa

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Relax by a fire with this soothing, southern cocktail.

12 oz Fig-Infused Vodka

6 oz Earl Grey Tea

9 oz Fresh Tangerine Juice

Fresh Fig Wedges

Vodka Instructions:

Combine equal parts dried figs and vodka in an airtight jar in refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Drink Instructions:

Combine fig vodka, tea, and tangerine juice and refrigerate. To serve, stir well and pour over ice. Garnish with fig wedge.

4. Manzanita 

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Is it a margarita? We aren't sure, but you should cozy up with one anyway.

1.5 oz Reposado Tequila

.5 oz Mezcal

1 oz Lime Juice

.5 oz Cinnamon Syrup

1 oz Apple Shrub


Combine all ingredient and shake well. Pour over ice. Garnish with an apple.

5. Hard Cider Sangria

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Sangria is perfect for any season and uses the best of the fall fruits.

1 cup of Sliced and Pealed Apples

1 Navel Orange, Sliced

1 Sliced Pear

1 cup Apple Juice

2 tbs Fresh Lemon Juice

1/4 cup Apple Brandy

1 Bottle Hard Apple Cider

1 cup Seltzer Water


Combine all ingredients and chill for 2 hours before serving.

6. Apple Brandy Hot Toddies

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Nothing keeps you warm on a cool night like hot toddies. Try this one with a seasonal spin.

1 1/2 cup of Water

2 tbsp and 2 tsp Honey

1/2 cup Fresh Lemon

2 cups Apple Brandy

Cinnamon Sticks


In a small sauce pan, bring the water to a boil. Remove from the heat and stir in the honey until dissolved. Remove from heat. Stir the lemon juice and apple brandy. Pour into glasses and garnish with cinnamon stick.

7. Apple Cider Mimosa 

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There are a number of ways to enjoy apple cider this season, but we prefer it simply with some bubbly.

10 oz Chilled Champagne

4 oz Apple Cider

1 tbsp Cinnamon

1 tbsp Sugar


In a shallow bowl, mix your sugar and cinnamon. wet the edge of your flute with apple cider and tap the wet edge in the sugar mixture. Add the apple cider and champagne. drop in a hand full of cranberries to garnish.

8. Fire in Cider

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This seasonal sensation could be sinister or sweet...

1 oz Fire Ball

8 oz Hot Apple cider


Mix ingredients together. For our non-alcoholic friends the fireball can be replaced with melted red hots.

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Happy Fall Y'all!