When most people hear "golf," they think of exclusive clubs, "quiet on the course, please", an abundance of rules and dress codes.

But Saddleback Golf Club tries to steer clear of that stigma. There’s a good reason the club was voted one of the Top 10 "Most Friendly" golf courses in the country by Golf Digest! Whether it’s going barefoot on the green or golfing in jeans and a T-shirt, Saddleback celebrates good shots and curses the bad ones like everyone else.

With mountain views and world-class food at The Tavern at Saddleback, the course offers a premier event venue. It's a fully-functional space that hosts charity tournaments, corporate tournaments, weddings, business meetings, celebrations of life, birthday parties, reunions – you name it! The on-site event coordinator and tournament coordinator can help you with all the details.

For weddings, the Pavilion is a beautiful space completely enclosed by glass panel walls. It opens when weather allows and can close if Mother Nature changes her mind!

To get you around the course, try the golf boards! They are fun for all ages and a nice change from a typical golf cart.

Saddleback also hosts a number of fun events throughout the summer. Coming up, check out Date Night on June 12th from 5 to 7:30 p.m., Yoga on the Greens every Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. and a Glowball Tournament on June 23.

Come out for a Beer Tournament on July 21 and Tatum’s Tournament on August 3. The charity tournament is in support of an employee’s daughter who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

On the restaurant side, the Tavern at Saddleback serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday. On Monday, the restaurant has “Golf Food,” so the bar is open for drinks and hot dogs, bratwurst and, breakfast burritos are available. It also serves up special “theme night” meals during the week.

The club first opened in 2001 in a tiny temporary trailer and the new clubhouse and restaurant were built in 2016. Saddleback is open to the public, there are no memberships and no dress code.

Saddleback Golf Club is located at 8631 Frontier St. in Firestone, CO. Call 303.855.5000 or Toll-free at 1.855.433.GOLF (4653). Find them online at SaddlebackGolf.com.