This year, students at Southeast Missouri State University will be bringing not just their books to school – but also their pets!

The school announced last week it would be creating pet-friendly dorm room halls for students where they will be allowed to bunk with their feline, canine or “small-caged” animal. Southeast Missouri now joins a few other schools where this is possible like: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Northern Colorado, Stephens College and more.

The initiative came from the students who were extremely outspoken in their want to bring their furry-friends with them to school. Southeast Missouri hopes this move will attract students to the school and ease the students’ transition onto campus.

At Southeast Missouri, which has about 11,500 students, pets must be quiet, housebroken and get a roommate’s sign-off before entering campus. They will not be allowed in dorm bathrooms, and to protect residents with pet allergies, owners may not use the laundry to wash pet toys/bedding.