Now that Halloween is over, we're ready to decorate for the next two holidays!

We'll start with sprucing up these candle holders. They are pretty on their own, but needed a little more sparkle.

For that, we're using two different gold-colored beads to give the whole candle an ombré look.

To start, I decided which gold tone I wanted on the bottom and poured in enough beads to create a couple of layers.

I then secured my candle in place.

Next, I took the remaining beads and created four different piles. The first pile contained only one color of bead.

For the remaining three piles, I slowly decreased one gold tone and increased the other.

To pour these layers in correctly, I began with the pile that contained more of the gold tone I originally started with.

I poured that pile into a cup, stirred it up to make sure the beads dropped into the candle randomly.

I repeated this process until I ended with the pile that contained only one type of bead.

The end product added just enough sparkle to help spruce up my holiday table. Now I all I need to do is finish the rest!