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Fix This: How to make a witch's wreath

Let's be honest, holiday wreaths are very popular.
Holiday wreath

Let's be honest, holiday wreaths are very popular. They're a great way to add a designer, decorative touch to your front door as you welcome in guests during the season. Many of us shop for them online, and they are expensive! This Halloween I couldn't find one for less than $60.

Fortunately for us, Fix This viewer Lisa Zupetz knows how to make them for less than $30 and she's willing to share her secret!


  • Metal wreath base
  • A roll of fabric (about 2 feet wide)
  • 2 rolls of ribbon (about 2 inches wide)
  • Plain Tissue paper
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Witch's hat
  • Witch's socks
  • Witch's broom
  • A few decorative pieces

Shopping tip: Use coupons at the craft stores! These stores will often have sales on holiday items as you get closer to the holiday. Then use your coupons on top of the sales. The dollar store is also a great place to find a great witch's hat and witch's socks, and any extra supplies you may need!



1. Stuff the witch's hat and socks with tissue paper. This will allow them to keep their shape.

2. Attach your fabric to the metal wreath base. Bunch fabric together and twist the attached twine around each bunch. Don't twist the twine all the way. We'll be using that again! Continue all around the outside of the wreath, then do the inside ring (there are NO RULES to this!) You can make your loops as large or as small as you want! When you're finished, tuck the ends back into the wreath.


3. Attach your ribbons to the wreath. It's easiest to place both ribbons back to back and attach them at the same time. Bunch the ribbon in the same way you did your fabric and twist the twine around to secure. You'll only need to make one circle around the wreath for this step!

4. Attach the hat. To do this, you'll need to cut four 12-inch-long pieces of wire. You'll attach two wires to the front of the hat and two to the back. To attach the wire, take one end and poke a hole through your hat and string the wire through about half way. Then take the other end of the wire and poke another hole through the hat, half an inch away from your first hole. The wire should look like a single stitch on top of the hat. Repeat this 3 more times. Now use the ends, on the under-side of your hat to attach the hat to the wreath's wire frame. Again, no rules here on where to attach the hat! Be creative!

5. Attach the broom. Cut enough wire to attach your broom to the wire frame. Don't worry about the wire showing, we'll be covering it with decorations in a minute!

6. Attach the socks! Wrap wire around the top of the socks a few times to make sure they stay secure, then use that same wire to attach the socks to the metal wreath frame.

7. Hot glue on your decorations! This is where it gets REALLY fun! Add a bow to your witch's hat, sparkly spiders to her feet, hat or fabric. Whatever you want!

8. You're DONE!!! Attach your new fabulous wreath to your front door. (And be prepared to make one for your neighbors!)