FIX THIS - We are a group of hosts bonded by a love of crafting. Each of us has a specialty of our own and an evolving love for do-it-yourself projects. Get to know a little more about us and don't be afraid to reach out - we'd love to hear from you!


Becky Ditchfield

Growing up, I always considered myself crafty. I remember my grandmother having me repaint her old picture frames to make them look new. My family owned a plumbing company that installed new plumbing in brand new homes. Construction was something I became familiar with, and I loved touring the homes, seeing what people had done.

Naturally, when I bought my first home 8 years ago, I bought it with the intent to completely update it. Some things (like adding a new bathroom), I got help for. Others, I wanted to tackle on my own. I've painted, tiled, built cabinet doors, installed lights and appliances and made old things new. It felt so good to be able to accomplish a project for significantly less money because I could do it myself. That's when I truly caught the do-it-yourself bug!

Since then, we've moved and I don't have as much time for the big projects, especially with an almost 3-year-old and one-year-old running around. In fact, most of the things I focus on now are for my kids! While I love my DIY projects, they can't take up a lot of time, they are always on a budget and most importantly, they have to look good! You can reach me on Twitter @BeckyDitchfield or email me at

Raquel Villanueva

My love for crafting began when I was seven - in a foreign county. I was visiting my grandmother in Bolivia when we stopped by a street market with a craft section. I fell in love with the endless rows of bright yarn colors and cross-stitch sets. I begged my mom for a starter kit - from there - an obsession was born!

I love DIY because it's a chance to add in my personal style and make a project feel special to me. I also like coming up with gift ideas that come from the heart - using photos and memories to give people I care about something they will never find in store.

Nothing makes me happier than helping people tap into their creative side. Feel free to tweet me @Raq_Villanueva or

Vida Urbonas

I have always loved creating things around my home.From sewing my own clothes in high school and college, to renovating three homes, my mind is always exploring new ideas.

Now that I have twins in elementary school, we are always looking for ways to create new crafts. I find it's a way to spend quality time and bond together. I am also looking for fun creative cooking with the kids to save time and money.

I know these days, everyone is busy but we want ways to bond with friends and family. I'd love to hear from you if you have ideas or questions about anything that makes your home a special place. Email me at


Patti Dennis

Patti Dennis is a veteran television producer and currently a TEGNA News Executive. Busy with a full time job, Patti is passionate about home décor, remodeling, refinishing and re-doing just about anything that can make her home unique. Patti loves to paint just about anything. She refinishes furniture in her free time in several finishes from chalk paint to antiquing. Her love of a bargain drives her creative crafting as she finds treasures to paint, re-do or re-style in thrift stores and garage sales. Patti is the Executive Producer for Fix This and she would love to hear from you if you have ideas or projects for an upcoming Fix This show. You can contact her at

Kayleen McCabe

Kayleen McCabe is a licensed contractor who specializes in providing do-it-yourself tips and advice for home repair and home improvement projects. McCabe, a Denver native, won the DIY Network's 2009 Stud Finder competition and currently hosts the television show Rescue Renovation. During each episode, McCabe helps homeowners fix renovations gone wrong. She has been featured in Runner's World magazine, HerLife magazine, and on the podcast MyFixitUpLife. In additional to being a home improvement guru, McCabe makes custom furniture, and enjoys mentoring and educating homeowners. She hosts various home improvement workshops, seminars, and classes.