A Denver voter tweeted 9NEWS these images of some political mail he just got.

It's titled 2018 Congressional District Census. But it has nothing to do with the every 10-year Census that counts the population.

In fact, it has nothing to do with counting at all. While it does ask how old you are, similar to a Census, the regular Census doesn't ask if you voted for President Donald Trump. It also doesn't want to know if you think "political correctness" has gotten out of hand.

Or if you think America should take military action if necessary to keep North Korea from using nuclear weapons.

This is really a political survey from the Republican National Committee in Washington DC. If you look close enough, you can find that under the title and on page two of the survey at the bottom underneath the request for money.

By the way, the voter who got this in the mail is a registered Democrat.

Denver Elections Director Amber McReynolds responded to the tweet by asking for a copy of the mailer.

"Our main concern always is any voter confusion and we tend to get calls," she said. "Because we care about the quality of service and want to make sure that we have answers appropriately to the questions that might come in, we always want to get copies of mailers."

She admitted she thought voters might get confused by the mailer and think it's an official Census document. Likely because it says "Census" in bold. It also includes phrases like, "I have authorized our 2018 Census and "Your registered Census..."

Next reached out to the Republican National Committee for answers about the look of this survey... and who it's being sent to our email was not returned and we're not even sure it was read.