May we make a recommendation? It's a good one. It's about beer.

As you know, Next's recommendations are never for our own work, but someone else's stuff that deserves attention.

The Great American Beer Festival Fantasy Brewery Draft is about as beer geeky as it gets, of course Kyle Clark was involved...

"The website Porch Drinking, which writes about great food and drink around town, gathers beer writers from across America, and we draft the breweries that we think will win medals at the Great American Beer Festival. Like fantasy football, we score when our team scores.

I loaded up my team this year with Colorado picks.

Took Left Hand in the first round, then stacked up some Colorado-based chain breweries that often medal, Rock Bottom and CB and Potts.

The team also includes two newer breweries in Denver that I wouldn't count out for Small Brewery of the year: Comrade and Spangalang."

The picture might be blurry on your phone, where you're probably reading this.

These were Kyle's picks, in order of first round to tenth:

  • Lefthand
  • Rock Bottom
  • Comrade
  • CB & Potts
  • Spangalang
  • Grimm Brothers
  • The Post
  • City Star
  • Call to Arms
  • Wiley Roots

Take look at all the draft picks here.