May we make a recommendation? This is when we point you toward something, anything - that isn't ours - but is awesome.

Someone wrote an article that lists the 10 worst places to live in Colorado. No, we're not directing you toward that.

It's the rebuttal to that article really caught our eye.

It's called "The Truth About the Towns on Colorado's Worst Places to Live." The blog's writer, Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer clearly doesn't agree with the worst places to live.

Just look at her section about Greeley:

Of all the towns on this list, I know Greeley the best. I’ve covered festivals in town and we usually attend one or two of their Friday Fest events during the summer months. Greeley is the only town in Colorado with an open container liquor policy in downtown during Friday Fest. Its Puritan founders are likely turning over in their graves, but I believe Greeley’s “Go Cup” service is one of the most progressive policies in the state. Greeley is home to the Rocky Mountain region’s longest running orchestra, there’s an array of interesting restaurants such as Rumi’s House of Kabob in town and at least six microbreweries (that I know of) have opened in Greeley, not to mention an excellent small batch distillery serving up spirits made with Colorado ingredients.

Claps for Greeley...

She makes a fair argument for each of the 10 locations, and why they're unique. Heidi argues that with a little digging every town has an interesting story.

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