The people of Pueblo woke up to a stinging editorial in Sunday's paper, aimed at Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet for pulling out of a forum with his Republican challenger Darryl Glenn.

The Chieftan's editorial page called Bennet's decision not to debate there "ridiculous and an insult to Southern Colorado."

There's only one televised debate in the Senate race. It's happening here on 9NEWS next Tuesday.

We're glad the candidates are debating here, but we'd honestly prefer to see them debate on our competitors' air as well. It'd be better for voters.

Monday we chatted with Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet with the single biggest issue that his Republican rivals have seized on - the nuclear deal with Iran, concessions to that country in return for monitoring of Iranian nukes and related materials - as well as skipping the DNC vote and TPP.

Full interview below:

Our previous interview with Darryl Glenn: