Next viewer Holly recently wrote us an email that got us thinking: do people avoid certain public places because of marijuana smoke?

Holly's point was clear: she and her husband no longer enjoy going to Red Rocks for concerts because of all the marijuana smoke in the air. Sometimes, she told us, she feels like the only person not smoking.

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Here's part of the e-mail she wrote to us:

Dear Kyle,

I have a topic I would like to mention. It is marijuana etiquette. My husband and I love to go to shows at Red Rocks, and yet, it is getting to the point where we may have to abstain from enjoying this beautiful Colorado landmark.

It is no longer enjoyable to go there due to the increasing amounts of pot smoke. Yes, the venue is outside. That does not mean that there is an abundance of fresh air. Maybe the rocks trap the air in the amphitheater. Or maybe the sheer number of people smoking pot makes it impossible for mother nature to clear the air.

Whatever it is, it is becoming increasing unpleasant.

At times, I feel like I cannot breathe. Or I wonder if I am getting high on secondhand smoke and it is unsafe to drive home. Red Rocks states that they are smoke free.

But there is absolutely no enforcement done. It is now illegal to smoke cigarettes in public, and you never see cigarette smokers at Red Rocks.

But you can ALWAYS find pot smokers. In fact, many times I think I am the only one NOT smoking. Since when did it become bad to smoke cigarettes but okay to smoke pot openly in public?

I understand marijuana is legal. Eat some gummies. Or a brownie. Or drink a pot drink. But what is up with smoking it in public and subjecting everyone else to the smoke?

I have several friends that say they will no longer go to Red Rocks or they won’t bring their kids due to the widespread pot smoke there.

I know that this is not specific to Red Rocks – my 14 year old son takes Light Rail every day to school and every morning he is forced to walk through a big cloud of pot smoke at the Lincoln station.

It is embarrassing to Coloradoans and a sad commentary on our state. If you want to get high in public, please do it in a way that does not disturb others…eat more gummies!

Thanks for letting me vent!


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