A professor at the School of Art and Design at University of Northern Colorado has some artwork that is pretty out of this world.

Well, she is actually having some of her artwork sent to the moon.

Anna Ursyn's artwork will be put into a project called "The MoonArk, which was set up by Carnegie Mellon University.

Two pieces of Ursyn's work, which includes high-definition images and video, will be put onto a disk and included in a time capsule the size of a soda can. The time capsule will be put on a lunar rover that will be launched to the moon.

The whole idea of the Moon Ark isn't to show aliens what life on earth is like. Instead it's meant to serve as a piece of history for future generations, with elements of technology, drama, music, architecture and more.

"To me, this is a perfect blend of putting knowledge, science, art, expression of different levels of communication into a bigger picture, into a bigger project that links what humans do with research and exploration," Ursyn said.

The rover will be part of the payload on a SpaceX rocket that is tentatively set to launch from Kennedy Space Center in late 2017.