Most high school seniors haven’t created their own startup business. That’s not the case for four kids from Boulder County.

Myonic Technologies Inc. is made up of Ben Saltz (CIO), Nate Peterson (CTO), Sam Everett (CFO), and Nick Titus (CEO). Nick explains their product as a wearable device that allows paralyzed people to regain control of their muscles.

"To go to someone's house, who isn't able to move, and then get that working with them, it's a pretty crazy feeling," he says.

The young men went through the Boulder based seed-stage business accelerator, Boomtown. Executive Director, Toby Krout says, “We look for entrepreneurs or early stage startups that maybe have a prototype or idea.”

Boomtown then provides resources including capital, mentors, and a work lab, among other facilities. “We put them through that tailored curriculum,” says Toby, “that helps kind of fill in all the gaps from all dimensions of a business.”

Myonic’s product is still in the development stage. They’re making progress, and hope to have it available some time in 2018. They say it will be about the size of a smart phone, and cost around $200.

Watch the story above, from photojournalist Mike Grady.