The City of Denver Instagram account is loaded with eye candy.

There are pictures of our skyline,

Standing at 698 feet and with 52 floors, the #WellsFargoCenter is the 3rd tallest in building in #Denver. Anyone know what the other 2 taller buildings are? They are only 11 and 16 feet taller, respectably. #downtown #cityofdenver 📷: @legitney_

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pictures from our history,

In 1913, a Denver blizzard required snow removal by wagon load. The open Civic Center area in front of the state Capitol was deemed the best place to dump it. #TBT

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and Blucifer looks awesome and perhaps slightly less terrifying.

Thanks to Mayor Pena, all new large building projects must spend 1% of their build budget on art, which is why this 32ft tall, 9,000lb devil horse with the glowing red eyes welcomes all DIA travelers to our great city. The creator (Luis Jimenez) was killed when a section of the horse fell on him during it's creation. #denver #denvercolorado #dia #denverairport #colorado #downtown #crazyhorse #devilhorse #denverinternational

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But hang on one second. This account is not run by the City of Denver. We have no idea who's running it, and neither does the city.

Someone's been squatting on the "city of Denver" name for years, and Jenny Schiavone with Denver's marketing department said they've been trying to find out who it is for a while.

Denverites wouldn't know it's unofficial at first glance. The mystery 'grammer actually dubbed the account the "official Instagram of the Mile High City."

It's all made more confusing because the account links to a website that includes the Denver logo.

The city's been pretty cool about all of it. Schiavone said no one from the city has made a complaint to Instagram.

"We haven’t asked them to give it up, since they had it first and they really do have fabulous content, but we’ve asked them not to use our website and logo," Schiavone wrote to Next.

She said it's kind of like being a celebrity with an awesome knock-off imitator.

The question now is what should an official Denver Instagram account call itself if the name's been swiped?

Schiavone tossed out "the real city of Denver," but doesn't sound like anything's been nailed down.