Conifer’s Sarah Thomas just swam for nearly 60 hours without stopping, hoping to break the record for the “longest known unassisted solo swim.”

And she isn’t as tired as she thought she’d be. Yes, we laughed when we heard that too. Because Thomas is a rock star.

Next caught up with her Friday – a day swimming 81.8 miles in Lake Powell, taking a nice long, hot shower, getting a good night’s sleep, and eating an omelet, which she claimed was “the most amazing thing she’s ever eaten.”

Thomas only had a swimsuit, ear plugs and goggles. She wasn’t allowed to touch the boat, or to get any help from any other outside source. And she made it.

“I had a little bit of a rough patch on my first day,” Thomas said.

That’s because there were terrible headwinds. It’s also very difficult to swim in total darkness, through a canyon.

“My team was reading me all of the encouraging comments, inspiring notes and Facebook posts from all of my friends and family, and that really kept me going."

She had a whole team with her the whole time, feeding her protein shakes and cheering for her. She started Tuesday morning, and finished up Thursday afternoon.

“It just felt good to sit down and stop moving."

We heard through the grapevine that Sarah also loves 9NEWS and Next, so we invited her on the show. We’re hoping Kyle can sit and chat with her sometime next week.

Until then, Sarah, get some rest.