Business leaders and police unveiled a private security force Wednesday morning as a way to improve safety at Denver's No. 1 tourist attraction.

The 16th Street Mall is facing a crime and perception problem and the Downtown Denver Partnership is hiring a security firm for the first time to deal with the issues.

"Well I haven't heard about too much crime going on down here," said Brenda Ross as she walked down the 16th Street Mall.

She might be one of the only ones to think so.

"So I'm not sure if increased officers would make us feel any better. I think, I'm pretty comfortable," she said.

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Many people don't feel comfortable, which is why the Downtown Denver Partnership hired Allied Universal Security Services and developed a 240-step safety plan at a cost of $1 million.

But what can the guards really do? They won't be armed or have the power to ticket or arrest people.

One Denver Police officer said the on-duty officers will be called when security guards see something since they won't have the authority to do much else.

He said their presence is a visual deterrent to crime and it will just make people feel safer.

"The larger presence would put people at ease," said Denver resident Suzie Roraback.

"It's been getting too much bad press," said her husband Chris.

A security guard for one of the mall businesses thinks the new plan won't work. He thinks they'll just walk around and witness the bad behavior often seen on the street.

Chris Roraback said he'll keep coming to the mall and even came up with his own solution to the troublesome travelers.

"Buy a bunch of one-way Greyhound tickets and send them back home but I'm sure that wouldn't work," he said with a laugh.

Wednesday morning, the Downtown Denver Partnership will share details about the new security plan for the mall including what private security firm they chose and how many guards will patrol the area.