Here's the deal. There are 53 days until Election Day.

And it looks like Colorado is still going to matter.

The race is tightening here. The candidates are still coming here.

And maybe they should focus on Jefferson County if they want to make a difference.

It's one of 10 counties - from eight of America's battleground states - most likely to swing the presidential race. That's according to Axiom Strategies, a Republican consulting firm, and Remington Research Group, a polling firm.

It isn't a radical idea if you follow Colorado politics.

Republicans hold a voter registration edge in Jefferson County, but according to the latest polling, Hillary Clinton is up 41 to 39 there.

Axiom's numbers say Donald Trump is most likely to win in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, out of the 10 counties they survey. Clinton is doing best in Door County, Wisconsin.

9NEWS political expert Floyd Ciruli says the days of Jefferson County being a red county are gone.