The infamous mailbox - the one flagged by our viewers with disabilities, the one that was bolted to a sidewalk in the Capitol Hill neighborhood - is now gone.

We couldn't figure out why it was there, blocking half a Denver sidewalk.

The United States Postal Service first told us the mailbox at 16th and Gilpin wasn't unusual, but it seemed strange to us, and it seemed like a possible violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act to Next viewers.

Tuesday, the mailbox was torn out of the sidewalk.

Our friends at Studio PBA Architecture documented this victory for common sense.

The Postal Service says while the box did leave the legal minimum sidewalk space, 36 inches, they want to be responsive to the concerns of Next viewers.

So they'll reinstall it tomorrow, somewhere with more space.

We get it. We didn't uncover Watergate, but there's one more sidewalk in Denver ready for use by everyone in our city.

Thank you to the Postal Service.

*yes, we know the video above says PBR. Freudian slip.

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