Yep. It’s a thing.

If you’ve ever driven past Fairmount Cemetery, you may have seen the sign out during the summer advertising a movie night. They do several every year.

In fact they’re showing Zootopia this Saturday at 8 p.m.

Next viewer Pete got our attention with #HeyNext and asked why they show movies there.

“It’s weird, it’s weird,” Jim Cavoto with Fairmount Cemetery admitted.

But really it’s a part of history.

“When Fairmont opened in 1890 there were no parks in Denver,” he said. “So people came and actually did picnics and stuff on the grounds.”

People all over did it back then, in fact.

“We had a train that went from Fairmount to 8th and Quebec and then the Denver Trolley came to 8th and Quebec and dropped people off,” Cavoto said.

Fairmount was actually a launching point for a lot of Denver parks.

“The guy that designed Fairmount is a guy named Reinhard Schuetze, he’s also buried here but he also designed City Park, Cheeseman Park, Wash Park, the capital grounds,” Cavoto said.